Corporate Social Responsibilities



Managing Director Muhammad Saeedullah Yousafzai inaugurating volley ball ground.


NATCO is dedicated to conducting business in a sustainable manner and is committed to maintaining a high degree of social and environmental responsibility through continuous care towards its employees, the environment, the community and the marketplace.

Passenger Insurance!

NATCO facilitating all passengers life and injury insurance on all nationwide routes.
dipensary (1)

Dispensary !

NATCO has established a 100% free dispensary for the welfare of common people and NATCO employees in collaboration with PPHI.

In this dispensary diagnosis, treatment and medicines are freely provided to any patient of any race, region or religion, where transparency is unique distinction of current management. Slowly and gradually its branches will be extended to all stations of NATCO and passenger will get free medical treatment at all destinations.

Rich people can donate to these dispensaries, medicines, equipments or cash through any bank account of NATCO. Transparency is our hallmark in all transactions and we invite all people to see it themselves.